Save Money & Time With Our Spanaway Sprinkler Repair Pros

our Spanaway Sprinkler Repair contractors optimized this systemOur Spanaway sprinkler repair team has been saving customers time and money for well over a decade. We do it with our own special approach to sprinkler repair.

We work on three specific services that bring your landscape form just so-so to whoa! The first step is an initial system evaluation and repair and optimization service and then a pre winter blow out and winterization service followed by a spring start- up service the next year.

This plan has helped us save our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair work.

Initial Evaluation and Optimization

Our Spanaway sprinkler repair team comes in to do the initial system repair and optimization with attention to detail in mind. We take stock of what types of plants and lawn you currently have and divide your lawn into zones. From there we check every single pop up head and drip emitter that you currently have installed (this includes are risers and diaphragms as well). All bad heads are replaced on the spot before we do an optimization. Dirty pop up heads are cleaned and everything is set-up to run on your current system. We will test the system and then calibrate each pop up head individually to get the correct coverage for your plantings. If you can't get the coverage you need with your current set-up, we will suggest additional lines be added to give you the coverage your lawn needs.

Seasonal Maintenace Plans & Sprinkler Repair in Spanaway WA

one of our contractors is performing a blowout service Every year in October or November our team will schedule a blowout and winterization service to protect your system from the freezing temperatures that can damage your pipes and rotors. We can pump in an antifreeze if you like, although it isn't always necessary in our neck of the woods.

The service will include marking pop up heads that are situated near the hardscape so they don't get damaged during snow removal.

Spring Reset

Once spring is in the air and your system is ready to come back online, our Spanaway WA sprinkler repair team will be on the job fixing up anything that may have been damaged over the winter and getting your system set to work perfectly through the spring and summer months.

We will make sure your system is running at peak performance so you use the least amount of water to achieve the best results, giving you one of the best looking landscapes on the block.


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