Get A Beautiful Lawn With Our Enumclaw Sprinkler Repair Team

a beautiful lawn maintained by our Enumclaw sprinkler repair teamIt's time to make that sprinkler system do what it was always meant to do – make your lawn shine. Sure, it's supposed to be a set it and forget it type of system, but if you haven't maintained it, a sprinkler system can actually make your lawn look worse than if you had no irrigation at all. You could be getting too much water in one area and not enough in another resulting in a patchwork lawn that looks unkempt. This is not what you signed up for. Thankfully, with a few small tweaks our Enumclaw sprinkler repair team can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Get a Tune Up

close-up on a sprinkler pop-up head in Enumclaw WAYour Enumclaw pop up heads and drip lines need a bit of TLC to keep them in premium working order. With a few simple tweaks your system can be running better than it was when it was first installed! It'll only take a couple of hours and will make a gigantic difference in the way your landscape looks week after week. You'll have a consistently green and thicker thatch with stronger and brighter specimen plantings. Not only that, it will also reduce the amount of water you use every week so you'll see a difference on your Enumclaw water bill's bottom line.

Professional Services For Any Sprinkler Repair in Enumclaw WA

The biggest issue with sprinkler systems in Enumclaw WA is found with the pop up heads and drip lines getting clogged. When this happens it throws off the entire system. One clog changes the pressure of water running to each of the other heads on the line. This results in uneven watering throughout your lawn. We clean and repair all of your pop up heads on every service before we do anything else. Then we tune the entire system from the inlet to the end of the line. When we are finished, the pressure at every head is optimized so you get perfect coverage for your entire landscape.

Enumclaw's Hidden Leaks

our sprinkler repair in Enumclaw team has found the leaky lineWe're not quite sure why, but we have found several underground leaks in the Enumclaw WA area. It might be due to the specifics of the soil or just poor installations, but there have been quite a few. If you've noticed your utility bill going up but no reason for it, you might have one of these underground sprinkler line leaks. Our Enumclaw WA sprinkler repair team has the latest electronic leak detection equipment to find and repair these leaks quickly. Once we have found a potential problem, we'll run our video snake down the line to determine exactly where it is for precise digging and repair. Whatever the problem with your irrigation system, we'll be able to quickly diagnose it and get it fixed right away. Call our Enumclaw sprinkler repair team for a quote now! You'll be glad you did.


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