Experienced Edgewood Sprinkler Repair Contractors

a landscape view after our Edgewood sprinkler repair team repaired the systemA sprinkler system is supposed to let your yard run on autopilot. Our Edgewood sprinkler repair team wants to make sure that that's what is happening. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in maintaining, repairing, installing, and improving every aspect of your sprinkler system. The best part is that we use all this experience to do our jobs faster and keep costs low, so everyone wins. Call today and see the difference for yourself.   

Sprinklers Are Highly Technical Machines

a spray nozzle sprinkler covers the lawnA tiny adjustment in the water pressure or the changing of a sprinkler head or two can make a huge difference in the performance of your entire irrigation system. This is where our Edgewood WA sprinkler team excels. By making sure that all of the finely tuned valves are working correctly and tweaking the aperture of each we can make sure that the exact water pressure needed to deliver precisely the right amount of water to your lawn is maintained. If a single valve happens to be clogged or gets stuck in position, it can cause the entire system to water incorrectly. The result is some areas of the lawn getting more irrigation than others and a patchy look to your lawn.

Professional Maintenance For Any Sprinkler Repair In Edgewood WA

one of our Edgewood sprinkler repair contractors is checking the sprinkler headOn our first visit, our sprinkler repair team will do a full inspection of your sprinkler heads. This is the number one place that problems occur in every sprinkler system. If we find broken sprinkler heads, broken risers, risers that don't clear the thatch, or any other problem with your sprinkler heads, we will repair or replace them.

In most cases we'll only have to clean debris from the heads, especially those in the grass or in woodchip covered planting beds. Afterwards, we will fine tune the entire system.

We Only Do What's Necessary

a leaky pipe was replaced by our specialistsIf you've ever called a couple of other providers of sprinkler repair service in Edgewood, you may have noticed a pattern. A lot of "sprinkler repair" companies use discounted pricing on repairs to get in the door and then start playing games. Some like to tell you that your whole system is breaking down and "it's a miracle it's made it this long." Others like to immediately start selling you on other services, like landscaping maintenance and deck building.

We take pride in giving our clients clear expectations and up front estimates. We provide thorough system inspections before starting work so we can be sure what's involved before you're committed. That's because we're here to do one thing and one thing only: make you happy. 


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